Pokemon Developer Game Freak Launches New Mobile Game


While Japanese gaming studio Game Freak is best known for its hit Pokemon series, the studio does occasionally do a bit of work that doesn’t involved pocket-friendly monsters. One good example is the newly-launched Pand Land, which was recently announced for Android and iOS devices in Japan.

The game features a vastly-different gameplay to Pokemon, placing gamers into an adventure RPG located in marine environments. The graphics look different as well, featuring visuals which bring voxels to mind. With that said, Pand Land was developed as a collaboration between Game Freak and Wonder Planet – Yuji Saito, Director of Development 1 at Game Freak comments:

We’ve been working hard to create a game that takes the scale of a console game and makes it easy and simple to play. It was a difficult challenge for us alone, but by borrowing the help of Wonder Planet, which has a proven track record in mobile games, we were able to make this announcement.

With all that being said, it’s currently unknown if the game will be available in more regions worldwide, given that it’s exclusive to players in Japan at the moment.

Source: Nintendo Life

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