Meta apparently tried to convince Apple to use its AI


When Apple officially unveiled Apple Intelligence, they revealed that they had a partnership with OpenAI. Now we heard the rumors leading up to the announcement that Apple was in talks with other companies such as Google. It turns out that Meta was also one of those companies that Apple was in talks with for AI.

According to a report from Bloomberg, they heard from their sources that Meta and Apple were in preliminary talks about an AI partnership. The idea was that Meta would bring its AI chatbot to the iOS platform. Unfortunately, those plans never made it past the preliminary stages.

It turns out that Apple was concerned about Meta’s privacy policies. This resulted in them rejecting Meta’s proposal and to not use its Llama LLM. Meta already has billions of users on its platforms, but forming a partnership and integrating itself deeper into iOS would no doubt be hugely beneficial.

Since Apple Intelligence was unveiled, Apple has stated that they are open to including other AI models on its platform. It would be done so that users have a choice of which AI they want to use. Apple did mention Google’s Gemini but we haven’t really heard anything a potential partnership yet.

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