Spotify Unveils a Cheaper “Basic” Subscription Plan


Spotify’s recent strategy of raising its subscription prices has led to many an eyebrow being raised, and it looks like the platform wants to win back users after discreetly adding a new “basic” subscription tier. Interestingly though, the basic plan costs the same as the “regular” premium plan before the price hike.

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With that in mind, the basic plan starts at $10.99 per month for users, although it does have some limitations – users can only stream music via the basic plan, without the added benefit of audiobook access. For the latter, users will have to pay a bit more with any of Spotify’s other premium subscription plans.

Not too long ago, it was reported that the platform might introduce a lossless tier that would allow users to stream higher quality audio, that could cost an extra $5 a month. If confirmed, it would be an interesting move by Spotify, given that competitors such as Apple Music and Amazon Music already offer HiFi audio streams at no additional cost. Not to mention, TIDAL (which used to be known for its super expensive tier) recently slashed its prices too.

Source: Spotify

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