Apple wants the Vision Pro to replace the iPhone


Pretty much everyone owns a mobile phone. The technology has been around for decades, and while the tech has improved, it’s still a phone. But Apple might have other plans. According to the latest issue of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Apple might want to replace the iPhone with the Vision Pro in the future.

The report claims that Apple has restarted work on a new lightweight version of the Vision Pro. The idea is that it will be lightweight enough that it can be worn all day and potentially replace the iPhone. Apple is apparently envisioning a potential launch in 2027, but it is possible it could take longer before we see it hit the shelves.

This report seems to be in line with another report from last week. That report claimed that Apple has canceled plans for the Vision Pro 2. It claims that Apple might develop a cheaper version of the Vision Pro that could be priced around $1,600. It still won’t be cheap, but at that price, it brings it closer to a MacBook Air/MacBook Pro. This will make it easier to stomach for some customers.

Apple has strong branding and reputation. But even then, it would be a tall order to convince customers to switch to a new form factor. Google didn’t have much luck with the Google Glasses. While the Vision Pro seems to be more well-received, many still aren’t quite convinced of its purpose.

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