You could soon ask YouTube Music for suggestions using AI


Music discovery is an interesting process. Sometimes you can find new music from the background music in movies and shows. Sometimes you get recommendations from friends. But what if you’re looking for something completely out of the blue? If you’re a YouTube Music subscriber, you could be getting some help from AI.

According to an APK teardown of the YouTube Music app by the folks at Android Authority, it seems that YouTube Music is getting some AI love. This is according to some strings that were discovered that mentions “Ask for music”. From what we can tell, it seems that YouTube will use generative AI to ask for some music suggestions.

At the moment how music is usually suggested to users is based on past listening patterns and habits. For example, if you typically listen to the rock genre, your streaming service could then make suggestions for other bands and songs in the same genre.

The only problem with that system is that it’s not always accurate. Just because you might enjoy a band whose music falls in the rock genre doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy all other bands or singers in the same genre. Maybe there’s a particular style that drew you to that band or song. So with this new YouTube Music AI feature, it could allow users to ask the AI for specific recommendations.

It sounds pretty cool but at the moment it isn’t rolled out yet. Hopefully it won’t take too long before YouTube pushes it out to users and we can get a better idea of what to expect.

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