Google releases the third Android 15 beta


Google announced the first Android 15 Developer Preview earlier this year. That release was aimed more towards developers. The company then released the first and second betas of Android 15 that were more geared towards the public. Now Google has officially announced the third Android 15 beta.

Some of the changes in the third Android 15 beta appear to be more towards security. According to Google, some of the changes in the latest beta include how apps handle sign-ins. Apps developed for Android 15 will now allow users to sign into their accounts using passkey.

Users can authenticate themselves in a single step either through facial recognition, fingerprint, or screen lock. Passkey will also be offered as a suggestion when it comes to autofill in keyboard suggestions or dropdowns. This will be useful for users who might have different passwords for different accounts and want a password-less way to sign in.

In addition to focusing more on security, the beta also comes with new features and changes that are more geared towards developers. If you’re not a developer then chances are you won’t really use these features until they’re integrated in Android 15 apps. We expect Google will release more Android 15 betas in the future ahead of the final release.

Google hasn’t mentioned when they plan to release Android 15, but based on Android 14, it should be around October. Users who are interested in testing out the beta can sign up on the Android beta website.

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