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The microphones built into our laptops and webcams don’t always offer the best quality sound. They’re passable for the most part, but they definitely don’t sound great. If you’re looking to level up your audio game and want to sound amazing on conference calls, in-game chat, and podcasts, then the Shure MV7X could be a great microphone upgrade.

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The Shure MV7X is a dynamic microphone. Shure is a brand that many of you might be familiar with. They’re largely used by professionals in the recording and music industry. You might see their microphones used to record music or used by vocalists live on stage. They’re also perfect for podcasts, livestreaming, and more.

They don’t always come cheap which is why this is a great buy. The microphone is currently on sale at a 20% discount. It is normally priced at $224, but after the discount it is reduced to $179. This is a fantastic deal and if you want to upgrade your audio, this is one way to go about it. Keep in mind that the Shure MV7X features an XLR connection so you’ll need an audio interface to use with it. If you’re keen, you can head on over to Amazon via this link and grab the microphone at a discount price today!

Shure MV7X XLR Podcast Microphone - Pro Quality Dynamic Mic for Podcasting...
  • VOICE ISOLATION TECHNOLOGY - The MV7X features the same impressive combination of dynamic cartridge, cardioid pick-up pattern...
  • TRUSTED HERITAGE, CLASSIC DESIGN - Designed with podcasters in mind and modeled from the legendary SM7B for integration into...

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