AutoFull M6 gaming chair: AUTO Dynamic Tracking Lumbar Support and Ventilated & Heated Seat


I think we can all admit that the standard office chair is pretty boring, especially if you’re looking for something comfortable to spruce up your gaming setup. If you’re interested, the AutoFull M6 gaming chair may be the perfect option for you, sporting adjustable lumbar support, up to 160° or recline and a built-in ventilation system that can warm you up or cool you down depending on what you need.

In other words, the AutoFull M6 gaming chair isn’t a boring old gaming chair.


The design of the AutoFull M6 gaming chair looks like it was built for e-sports with a great sense for ergonomics and a strong design language. Like most gaming chairs, it has been designed to resemble the bucket seats you might find in a sports car. It is quite a simple and straightforward design, and the use of all black materials helps give it a classy look.

The chair comes with soft PU wheels that are durable and are gentle enough to glide across the floor without scratching it up. It offers a heavy and sturdy base so that you can sit on it for longer hours. Users can also expect to find a Class 4 SGS/TUV Certified Cylinder for height adjustment. The chair supports a 160-degree recline so you can lie back and watch your movies comfortably.

Last but not least, AutoFull claims that assembling the chair is extremely easy and can be done in no time at all.

Great lumbar support

One of the problems with sitting all day is that it can lead to back pain or lower back issues. This is because for the most part, a lot of regular chairs don’t really offer great lumbar support. A lot of these chairs weren’t really designed to be sat in for extended periods of time.

Lumbar support is something that AutoFull has taken into consideration when designing the M6 gaming chair. It features what the company is calling “dynamic tracking lumbar support”. It can adapt itself to various sitting postures. For example, you might be the type that leans forward while gaming, or you might want to lean back while watching a movie. Either way, this dynamic tracking system will ensure that your back is constantly supported.

It offers 4 lumbar preset options with 100mm precision control. The system can actually automatically follow and adjust itself to your waist, but if you prefer, you can make micro adjustments to suit your needs. It also has the ability to go up and down by 50mm, so if you’re someone that’s taller or shorter, you can adjust it accordingly.

This is actually pretty useful. Other chairs that claim to have lumbar support tend to be more rigid and don’t have a lot of movement. This means that if you switch positions midway, your back will no longer be as well supported as it should be.

Ventilated seat cushions

Another thing to take into consideration when it comes to comfort are the actual seats or materials used in the construction of the chair. While leather seats might look classy and luxurious, they’re a terrible idea if you live in a hot and humid climate. Also, prolonged sitting can also cause the cushion to get hot and uncomfortable.

This is why for the AutoFull M6, the company has actually included some pretty interesting tech into the seat of the chair itself. This comes in the form of heating and cooling elements. There are dual fans built into the seat that at level 3, can reduce the cushion temperature by 56%! This is perfect for the summer when things are getting hot.

But AutoFull isn’t forgetting about winter either. Along with the dual fans, there are dual heating blades that can raise the overall temperature by around 67%. This will keep your bottom nice and toasty during those cold winter months.

The actual material used to cover the cushions is made from leather. We know that we said leather can get uncomfortable during hotter days, but this is a porous leather cover. Combine that with the cooling fans and it should be pretty comfy.

6D mechanical armrests

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the armrests that come with the AutoFull M6. You might think that armrests aren’t that important as they’re simply a place to rest your arms on. To a certain extent that’s true, but if you’ve ever sat in an airplane, you know how terrible those armrests can be.

For the M6, AutoFull has designed the armrests to offer multiple directions and angles that it can be adjusted. It offers 40-degrees folding and turning up, and up to 70-degrees for internal and external rotation. If you’re someone who has a wider body, being able to rotate the armrests outwards will make it feel more comfortable.

The same can be said for those who are taller or shorter, and need to adjust the height and angle of the armrests so that they can sit comfortably without straining their arms and shoulders. The armrests can also move forwards or backwards, so if you’re leaning forwards, the armrests can move along with you.

Pricing & availability

So, if all those features have convinced you that the AutoFull M6 gaming chair could be the perfect fit for your gaming or work from home setup, it is available for purchase at $649.99. The gaming chair is normally priced at $799.99, so this current price is actually a discount of $150. You can grab the AutoFull M6 on Amazon or from the AutoFull M6 official store today.

About AutoFull

AutoFull is a brand that you might have seen while watching some of your favorite eSport events. The company sponsors many of the top professional teams in the country. They have also worked with professional players to create its products. Since gamers know what gamers want or need, these insights are incredibly valuable.

They have also been praised and recognized by many of today’s leading gamers, livestreamers, and bloggers. This includes names such as Pokimane, BubbleChuTea, Istoast, Esandotech, Tech Deals, FrenchHard-ware, Tech of Tomorrow, TechSource, OfflineTV, and more.

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