Samsung Galaxy Ring charging case revealed

samsung smart ring

Earlier this year, Samsung officially confirmed that they are working on a new wearable in the form of a smart ring. It is, obviously, powered by a battery, but how will the ring charge itself? Thanks to a leak posted on X by @TheGalox_, we might have an idea of what the charging case for the Galaxy Ring could look like.

According to the leak, it seems that Samsung is planning on using a ring case as the charging case for the Galaxy Ring. We have to admit that we feel a little silly for not thinking about this earlier, but it makes a lot of sense. A box to enclose the Galaxy Ring will help it from getting lost when not in use, plus it’s also kind of clever.

As you can see from the render, there appears to be some kind of ring around the upper portion of the case. We’re not sure what it’s for. It could simply be a ring of magnets to help hold the case together, or maybe it could be a small LED ring to help illuminate the Galaxy Ring in a more fanciful way.

We’re also not sure if this charging case only acts as a charger, or if it will be similar to the charging/carrying cases of wireless earbuds where it can act as a power bank to charge the ring even when it’s not plugged into a power source. The latter could be a good idea since the rumored battery specs of the Galaxy Ring seem quite abysmal. We expect Samsung to share additional details about the Galaxy Ring’s pricing and availability in July, so check back with us then for more updates.

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