YouTube Music Finally Arrives for Garmin Watches


Besides Spotify and Deezer for example, there haven’t been a lot of varied options when it comes to music-streaming apps on Garmin’s wearables. With that being said, YouTube Music has finally made its debut on the platform and is now available on the Connect IQ store for download. As per an official announcement on Garmin’s website:

…the YouTube Music App is available now in the Connect IQ Store for customers with a compatible Garmin smartwatch. The integration lets Garmin customers and YouTube Music subscribers add playlists and podcasts to their watch. They can then pair their smartwatch with compatible headphones and take their favorite music on the go.

The YouTube Music App allows customers to choose from more than 100 million songs, plus personalized playlists and podcasts for phone-free listening…

While there are some key differences with regards to UI implementation, it looks generally similar to its Wear OS version, given that a lot of Wear OS and Garmin watches generally have round watch faces. It’s also available on a multitude of Garmin models, including the fēnix, Venu, Forerunner and epix watches, to name some.

Source: Garmin

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