WhatsApp Announces Updates for Desktop and Mobile Calling


WhatsApp recently announced that it was bringing some new updates for calls, which the company says should improve the quality of voice calls on the platform. With that said, WhatsApp unveiled three major additions to the app’s call functionality.

First up, users will now be able to share screens with audio support, which should come in handy for watching content together. Video calls have also expanded the number of participants up to 32 people across all user devices, and there’s also the new “Speaker spotlight” feature which lets users instantly see who’s currently talking, with the speaker automatically highlighted and appearing first on screen.

In other recent WhatsApp news, the platform also added some nifty little AI features in addition to tools for business owners, which are programmed to help businesses connect better with clients and their needs. Meta says that it’s training AI to respond to popular questions that businesses often receive to help customers with their queries. AI will also be integrated to help businesses create ads on social media to give customers update on their cart items and such.

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