Insta360 GO 3S is a tiny action camera with 4K capabilities


Insta360 is a company probably best known for their digital cameras that can capture 360-degree content. But the company also makes action cameras that might be preferred by those who want something compact and durable. Now the company has announced their latest model to the lineup in the form of the Insta360 GO 3S.

If you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because the company launched the GO 3 back in 2023, so this is kind of like a successor. It features a small and compact body, but despite its size, it can still capture stunning footage at 4K resolution. It also boasts 50% more computing power, according to Insta360, along with a new wide-angle lens that has less distortion.

There are also software features like Interval Video mode that allows the camera to capture footage throughout the day. The Insta360 GO 3S also supports hand gestures that users can use to start or stop shooting. Similar to its predecessor, users can attach or detach it from the Action Pod.

The company says that on its own, it can capture 1080p video at 30 fps for up to 38 minutes, or up to 140 minutes when used with the Action Pod. Insta360 has also thoughtfully included support for Apple’s Find My Network to help you locate the camera if it’s misplaced. If you’re interested in the camera, it is priced starting at $416.99 and is available for purchase from the company’s website.

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