Google Announces an Extended Repair for Pixel 8 Displays


Following reports that a number of Pixel 8 displays were experiencing hardware defects, it looks like Google has now announced that it will be offering an Extended Repair Program for users who are experiencing such issues with their phone.

Google says that the program covers affected Pixel 8 devices for three years after the date of original retail purchase. There are some pre-requisites however – a Pixel 8 device might only be eligible for Extended Repair if it’s affected by a vertical line from the bottom of the display to the top, or a display flicker, comes with a device identifier like IMEI or serial number determined by Google or one of their authorized repair partners.

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On the other hand, phones deemed “ineligible” for the Extended Repair Program but are having similar display or other issues may still be covered under Google’s Limited Warranty. Google adds that phones with cracked displays or liquid damage might not qualify for the repair program. Finally, repairs under the program are warranted for 90 days, although the program doesn’t extend the standard warranty coverage of a user’s Pixel 8.

Source: Google

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