Spotify’s lossless tier could be a pricey affair


We have been hearing rumors that Spotify could be working on a new tier for its music service. This would be a lossless tier that would allow users to stream higher quality audio. Unfortunately, it seems that Spotify’s lossless tier could be rather pricey.

This is according to a report from Bloomberg who cites sources who claim that the new tier could cost an extra $5 a month. Given the recent price hike that brings the price of the Premium tier to $12 a month, tacking on the lossless feature could drive it up to a whopping $17 a month. You really got to love your audio if you’re willing to pay for that.

It’s an interesting and odd move by Spotify. Spotify’s competitors such as Apple Music and Amazon Music already offer HiFi audio streams at no additional cost. Not to mention, TIDAL, which used to be known for its super expensive tier, recently slashed their prices too. TIDAL had infamously tried to sell users on a super high-end tier, but it didn’t quite take off.

Spotify definitely needs to have something to offer if they’re hoping users are willing to pay an extra $5 a month. Oddly enough, there’s no announcement from the company yet regarding its new tier. Hopefully they will have something to announce soon given all these leaks.

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