Google announces new security features to deter smartphone thieves


Smartphones are pretty tempting devices for thieves. This is because higher-end phones hold a higher resale value. But thankfully, manufacturers have come a long way in introducing features to deter them. Now Google has announced that Android users in Brazil will get to try a couple of new security features that should deter thieves.

This comes in the form of two new features called Theft Detection Lock and Offline Device Lock. These features were originally announced at I/O 2024, but Google has announced that users in Brazil will get to try them out first.

For those who missed the announcement, Theft Detection Lock is a feature that uses the sensors in your phone to detect if your phone might have been snatched out of your hands. When it does, it will automatically lock your device. This will be useful if you’re walking about with your phone unlocked and someone tries to steal it. Unlocking a locked device can be tricky, so obviously thieves will want a device that’s already unlocked.

As for Offline Device Lock, this is when a thief tries to “disconnect your phone for prolonged periods of time”. Your device will then automatically lock itself to prevent access. It will also kick in when the thief tries to unlock your phone with multiple failed attempts. This isn’t to say that your phone will no longer be stolen by thieves, but if more thieves were to encounter resistance after snatching a device, they may stop trying as much.

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