Instagram Wants to Cull Online Harassment with its New Feature


While social media does come with a sizeable number of perks, there are times when online interactions can result in some unwanted or downright threatening interactions. With that in mind, it looks like Instagram has just rolled out a feature that will let users limit interactions via the Instagram app, developed with regards to younger users.

More specifically, Instagram has tweaked its “Limits” feature to allow teens to restrict interactions with unwanted users on the platform. When activated, a user will only be able to see comments, messages, tags, and other such interactions from people designated as their “Close Friends” group, while other accounts will be muted.

Teens can also limit interactions with recent followers, which will include accounts that started following them in the past week, or accounts that they don’t follow. Instagram is also tweaking its “Restrict” feature to let users limit interactions from specific accounts without blocking them. Comments from restricted accounts will be hidden, and they’ll be prevented from tagging or mentioning users.

Recently, Instagram also rolled out the ability for users to cross-post between Instagram and Threads, which allows posts to be published on both apps simultaneously.

Source: Tech Crunch

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