TikTok is testing AI search results


One of the newer AI features Google introduced to its service comes in the form of AI Overview. This is where AI is used to summarize the content of what you’re searching for to make it easier to provide information to users. Now it looks like TikTok is applying a similar AI to its platform.

The company is testing out new AI generated search results. This means that if you’re looking for a particular type of video, like a recipe video, the AI will be used to summarize what you’re looking for in text form. This only applies to certain types of videos and not all of them.

This makes sense because if you’re looking for something that cannot really be summarized, then this feature won’t kick in. But if you’re looking for something that can be summarized, then this is where the TikTok AI shines. This includes things like product recommendations, recipes, and so on.

It’s actually kind of useful. This will save users a lot of time combing through videos to find what they want. Unfortunately, it could be bad for creators. This is because instead of users clicking on their videos, they might just read the summary in the search results and call it a day. At the moment it appears to be a test and it is unclear if TikTok will implement it.

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