LAST CHANCE: Reserve your Samsung Galaxy S24 to save $50!


Samsung will be announcing Galaxy S24 series tomorrow. If you’re thinking about getting it as your next phone, now’s your last chance to reserve the Samsung Galaxy S24 which will help save you an extra $50 off the phone!

Samsung has been taking reservations for the Galaxy S24 since the start of the month. These reservations are a zero commitment offer. You will need to register your name and email with the company and you will get $50 in Samsung credit. You can use this credit to buy the Galaxy S24 or choose something else if you prefer.

Once the Galaxy S24 pre-orders go live, Samsung is expected to launch additional deals as they have done before.

In the past the company has offered things like enhanced trade-in and tossed in some freebies. You can combine this $50 credit with those deals, essentially getting an extra $50 on top of Samsung’s offerings. Signing up makes it a fantastic deal, so if you’re interested, click here to reserve your Samsung Galaxy S24 today!

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