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There is a lot of content on the internet in the form of PDFs, such as books, manuals, textbooks, legal documents, and more. Since anyone can create a PDF, it can sometimes prove to be tricky to try and find what you’re looking for.

More often than not, if you’ve ever tried to search for a particular PDF file on the internet, you might be taken on a merry chase, or end up at websites where you might have to pay. Sometimes these websites might only show you a preview instead of offering the entire file. This can be a frustrating experience, but that’s where PDF Drive comes in.

What is PDF Drive?

You can think of PDF Drive like being the Google for PDFs. It is a search engine that will help you search for PDF files on the internet. This means that if there’s ever a research paper you need, a sample of a legal document, maybe a textbook or a book, a manual for a piece of equipment, you can use PDF Drive to search for it.

Is PDF Drive free to use?

One of the best things about PDF Drive is that it is completely free of charge! You will be able to search to your heart’s content for as long as you like. Even after you find the PDF file you’ve been looking for, downloading it is also free of charge.

But if you think that you could use more features, there is a premium version of PDF Drive that will unlock additional functions. This includes unlimited storage. The free version only offers 100MB, but if you want to store your files in the cloud, the premium version will give you unlimited storage as part of your subscription.

The premium version of PDF Drive also removes ads from the interface in case that bothers you. You’ll also receive higher priority for download speeds, quicker previews, removal of broken links, and additional benefits. So how much is a subscription? For $3.99 a month, you’ll be able to unlock all those features, which is a pretty good deal if you plan to use the service a lot.

Is PDF Drive legal?

If you’re concerned about the legality of PDF Drive, let’s break that down first. First of all, PDF Drive is a service that lets users download files from its servers where it acts as a proxy.

Since PDF Drive doesn’t actually upload the files themselves, users will have to make sure that they have the legal rights to download the content they are searching for, meaning that the onus is on you to be on the right side of the law.

PDF Drive also has DMCA disclaimer on its website where they say that the data provided is only for general purposes and that they do not offer any warranties on the actual content. PDF Drive also provides users with the source URL in case you want to double check the source from which your PDF file comes from.

In a way, it is similar to how file sharing/hosting websites work. They can’t control what kind of files are uploaded or downloaded, and most of these services do comply with copyright law and will remove files that are deemed to have been uploaded illegally, but ultimately these services are considered legal.

So, should you use PDF Drive?

One of the annoying things about using regular search engines to search for PDF files is that the results can be a mixed bag. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t, especially if the file you’re looking for is kind of niche or obscure.

One of the advantages of PDF Drive is that it offers up a simple interface. You can preview the PDF file before downloading it so you can make sure that it is what you need. The site also offers users the ability to convert the PDF file to other formats.

Unlike MOBI or EPUB, PDFs are simple and may lack features, especially for books. With PDF Drive, you can convert PDFs to other formats for use with different e-readers.

PDF Drive enables filtered searches, refining results by publication year, page count, language, and more. So, if all these features sound like something you could use, then PDF Drive could be a service worth checking out.

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