The Google Pixel 9 could be an AI powerhouse


Google Assistant is the default virtual assistant on Google’s Pixel smartphones. For the most part, Google Assistant works great, but it’s not really that smart in the sense that it only gives you answers when you ask it and it’s not particularly proactive, unlike the AI we’re seeing these days.

That could change next year. A report from The Information (paywall) claims that with the Google Pixel 9, Google is expected to introduce a brand new AI-powered digital assistant called “Pixie”. We’re not sure if that’s the actual name or a codename, but it is expected to be powered by Gemini, Google’s answer to OpenAI’s GPT-4.

What makes it different from Google Assistant is that it will be able to pull data from other Google products and services from your phone, like Gmail, Google Maps, and so on, and offer up much more personalization compared to Google Assistant. One of the features is apparently it can recognize objects that are photographed and even make recommendations to a nearby store where you can buy it.

Google introduced Gemini Nano to Pixel phones recently, which is a version of Gemini designed for Google’s mobile devices. The company also opened up Gemini to developers to integrate it into their apps. With companies like Samsung expected to launch AI-powered smartphones next year, this could be Google’s answer, but until it’s confirmed, take it with a grain of salt.

Source: 9to5Google

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