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The AIRROBO P20 is the Most Affordable Robot Vacuum you can Get!


Robot vaccums are pretty awesome – they clean your floor by themselves, are capable of charging on their own and can even follow a set schedule of tasks, making them ideal additions to a smart home setup. On one hand, they can be pretty expensive, although there are some budget-friendly alternatives out there, such as the AIRROBO P20 which is on sale for as much as 50% on Amazon right now, bringing down its price to just around a hundred bucks.

In terms of hardware specs, the P20 packs up to 2800PA strong suction power, meaning that it will have no trouble collecting all kinds of dust and small debris on your floors. It also comes with a floating scraper strip that allows it to to achieve up to 99.2% cleaning efficiency.

The vacuum also comes with a 600ml dust bin which can temporarily store dust and dirt, as well as compatibility with smartphones for remote control via app. You can check it out using the link below.

AIRROBO Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2800Pa Suction Power, App Control, 120...
  • 2800Pa Powerful Suction: With a powerful suction of 2800Pa, the AIRROBO P20 robot vacuum picks up more debris, pet hair,...
  • Super-Slim RoboVac: With 3" slim body design, the AIRROBO P20 Robot Vacuum can go under sofas, beds and other low furniture...

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