Google Bard can now help teens with their school work


Google Bard is a great AI tool if you’re looking for an alternative way of searching for information online. Instead of Google just listing websites, Bard can help summarize information so that you don’t have to spend time combing through websites to find what you want.

Now the company has announced that they are rolling out a version of Bard designed for teens in most countries around the world. These users will need to meet the minimum age requirement and for now, it will only be in English but Google says that more languages will be supported over time.

Bard for teens will be more or less the same as the version that most of us are familiar with, but obviously it will come with certain safety features. According to Google:

“We’re continuing to be responsible as we open up Bard to more people. Before launching to teens, we consulted with child safety and development experts to help shape our content policies and an experience that prioritizes safety. And organizations like the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) advised us on how to keep the needs of teens and families in mind.”

For teens who are looking for a more advanced way of finding help for their homework or projects, or want to know more about a subject, then this is a tool that could be worth checking out.

Source: Google

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