Saving YouTube video frames in Chrome will soon become a lot easier


Sometimes you want to show someone something on YouTube, but normally you’d have to link the whole video or the section of the video which isn’t always convenient since some people don’t have the time or can’t watch it in public.

Soon it will become a lot easier for you to show them what it is you wanted to show them because Google is testing out a new feature for Chrome (it will also work with Microsoft Edge) that will allow users to save YouTube video frames quickly and easily. All users need to do is right-click the video at the frame they want and click “Save video frame”.

Once that’s done, the video frame will be saved as an image file in its original resolution and in the PNG format, and from there, users will be able to share it like a normal image file, whether it be through email or a messaging app.

Prior to this, Google introduced a “copy video frame” function which kind of works the same way, but the problem is you’d have to paste it in a photo/image editor and save it which is a few more steps in the process. This change will make it easier. Right now, the feature isn’t live yet as it is still being tested, so hopefully it won’t be too long before it becomes available to the public.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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