Watch out Google, Samsung’s coming for you with its brand new AI!


When ChatGPT was all the rage earlier this year, there were talks as to whether or not other companies could toss their hat into the ring. It was initially reported that Samsung would be developing its own generative AI, but it would be for internal use only. It looks like that has changed.

Samsung Research has since announced its own generative AI called Samsung Gauss (named after famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss). As it stands, Gauss is still being used internally by Samsung employees, but the company does plan to eventually introduce it to the public by integrating it in future products, like the upcoming Galaxy S24 series.

In fact, recently Samsung announced a new AI tool in the form of a live call translation that is presumably part of Gauss. Some other features that Gauss is capable of is editing images, where it can help convert low-res images to high-res ones as well as generate images through text descriptions.

Samsung claims that Gauss can run on-device which is great in terms of processing time, security, and privacy, although we’re not sure if all its features can be run on-device or if some will still need to be offloaded to the cloud. It will be interesting to see how Gauss will compare against Google’s own AI efforts in its Pixel phones as well as other AI tools like ChatGPT.

Source: SamMobile

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