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If you’ve ever gone camping or traveled cross country and wished that you had some modern day luxuries with you, then this is where a power station can come in handy. These are essentially massive power banks that can power a variety of devices and appliances.

This includes stove tops, mini fridges, heaters, and of course, your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, giving you access to some of these creature comforts even when you’re not at home. Unfortunately, power stations aren’t the cheapest things you can buy, but luckily for you, the folks at Bluetti are hosting an early Black Friday sale where you can grab some of the company’s power stations at massively discounted prices.

BLUETTI AC300+B300(Free 220W solar panel): $2599 $3299

The Bluetti AC300 is a modular system which means that how big its capacity is and how much battery it packs will be up to you. If you want something small and compact, that’s fine, but if you need something with a lot of juice and can put out a ton of power, you have that option as well.

BLUETTI AC500 +2*B300S(Free AC500 Home integration Kit): Black Friday Early Access Price $7098

For those who already know what they want, which is a home backup system, then the AC500 could be a good choice. This bundle includes two B300S battery units and the home integration kit. This is basically a complete system that will give you everything you need to ensure that in the event of a blackout, your home will still be able to draw power from the power station.

You can add more batteries where it can go from 3,072Wh up to an insane 18,432Wh, and it also works at temperatures below 20C, so you don’t have to worry about cold weather causing the power station to not work properly.

BLUETTI EP500(2,000W/5,100Wh): Black Friday Early Access Price $3999

Next up we have the Bluetti EP500. Unlike the other two models above, what the EP500 has going for it are the wheels attached to its base. The two power stations we mentioned above are kind of fixed in place. You could always bring it around but it’s not as easy as the EP500 with its built-in wheels.

The EP500 comes with a 5,100Wh LiFePO4 battery, can put out up to 2,000W of Pure Sine Wave power, and there’s also a built-in smart touchscreen where you can control the power station and also see data related to it.

BLUETTI AC200MAX(2,200W/2,048Wh): $1349 $1599

If home backup systems aren’t really your thing or maybe you already have something in place and you’re after a power station that can go on the road for you, the AC200MAX could be a great option.

It is a modular system that supports battery expansion using Bluetti’s B230 or B300 batteries where it can go up to 8,192Wh. It supports 1,400W dual AC and solar charging and comes with 16 different ports, allowing you to charge and power all manner of devices that you might bring with you to a camping trip.

BLUETTI AC180 (1,800W/ 1,152Wh): $669 $999

If you’re looking for something portable but don’t want to spend as much on the AC200MAX, then the AC180 is a great choice at $669. It offers 2,700W in Power Lifting mode. This is basically where the power station can give itself a temporary boost in output, allowing you to power more demanding devices like kettles and hairdryers.

BLUETTI AC70 (1,000W/ 768Wh): $499 $599

Last but not least is the Bluetti AC70. This is the most affordable power station in the lineup, and it is also the smallest/lightest at 10.2kg. This makes it perfect to take it on the road with you, so whether you’re traveling in an RV or your car, the AC70 will be small enough to fit. The discounter price of $499 is already incredible, but we’ve managed to secure an additinoal $15 discout when you use offer code PD70 at checkout.

Bluetti’s Black Friday Activities

In addition to offering some very generous discounts that we’ve highlighted above, Bluetti will also be hosting some activities and giving away some gifts. This includes the Lucky Prize Wheels, where from the 9th to the 17th of November, everyone can try their luck at the Lucky Prize Wheel to win Bluetti products like the EB3A power station, the PV120 solar panels, discount coupons, merch, and more.

The company will also be offering Bluetti Lifestyle Gifts, where if you spend over a certain amount, you could receive free swag like caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and so on.

Speaking of Bluetti Bucks, from the 9th to 17th of November, members can earn triple Bluetti Bucks per order, and five times that amount on Black Friday during the 17th to 27th of November, so be sure to take note of this information if you’re trying to save some money and win some gifts!

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