Here’s What You Can Expect from the Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta 2


As Android 14 continues its descent into different Android brands, we recently got word that Nothing has announced that it was rolling out the Open Beta 2 for Nothing OS 2.5, which is powered by Android 14. This gives users early access to new improvements and enhancements from Open Beta 1.

In terms of new features, Open Beta 2 comes with new Glyph Interface functionality, including progress integration for the Google Calendar app, as well as new functions for the Glyph Timer which now supports time presets, quick access from the lock screen, and tap-to-open for the pop-up window. The Glyph interface can now light up as well whenever the device is used for NFC functionality.

Gesture controls have also gotten new additions, including predictive back gestures for all Nothing apps, more options for the double-press power button gesture, and improved reliability of the three-finger swipe gesture. Nothing does note that since this is beta software, users do run the risk of system instabilities.

Users enrolled in the Beta can update via the Settings app > System > System Update. Users can also sign up by heading on over to Nothing says it will give an update on the full Android 14 rollout to Phone (1) and Phone (2) devices at a later date.

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