HMD Prepares to Move Forward with its Separate Smartphone Brand


A while back, we got word that HMD Global was planning to launch its own line of Android smartphones, a surprising move given that the company is heavily tied to Nokia’s mobile business. With that in mind, it looks like the company is getting closer and closer to launching its debut smartphone.

More specifically, diagrams and key details regarding the device – with model numbers TA-1585 and N159V – were spotted via the GSMA IMEI database.

Based on a manual included in the listing, it’s also expected that the phone might be designed by HMD Global for M-Kopa, a company based in Africa. Furthermore, the manual shows some branding on the rear panel with the M-Kopa logo, alongside the words “Designed by HMD”. Referred to as the “M-Kopa X1” in the manual, it’s speculated that the device might be a rebranded variant of the Nokia C32.

With that being said, there’s no word on pricing or availability at the moment, although it is interesting to see this move from HMD Global. The company did state that its smartphones will co-exist with Nokia’s own devices for the time being.

Source: Nokiamob

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