New Qualcomm S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 Sound takes wireless audio to the next level


At its core, audio devices like earbuds, headphones, and speakers rely on components like drivers to help drive the audio. It is also part of what determines how good a set of speakers or headphones sound. But these days, consumer audio products have gotten a lot more complex and by utilizing new hardware, it can take audio quality to whole new levels.

This is thanks to platforms like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound in which during the Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm has unveiled its next-generation Snapdragon Sound technology in the form of the S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 platforms.

With these new platforms, they will feature the use of Qualcomm’s Micro NPU AI engine, multiple DSP Cores, along with a sensor hub and also a boost in memory by up to 300%. These new platforms will also enable a longer range when it comes to connectivity by leveraging WiFi, meaning that you can walk away from your PC or phone and still remain connected.

The new S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 platform will also be capable of delivering what Qualcomm claims to be high bit-rate audiophile sound quality, while also low levels of power consumption so that your earbuds, headphones, and wireless speakers don’t drain as much battery as it used to.

Qualcomm also seems to be placing a lot of focus on AI with the S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 platforms. This will offer up smarter features like the ability to learn when ANC should be enabled based on your current environment. Of course, there are other things that need to be factored in when it comes to sound quality, but devices that utilize the new S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 platforms should be able to enjoy a boost in performance, features, and better power efficiency.

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