Is your Pixel Watch charging slower than before? You can thank Google for that


When the Pixel Watch was first launched, Google advertised it as having fast charging capabilities where it would be able to go from 0-50% in 30 minutes. But now it appears that Google has changed that.

In a statement made to 9to5Google, Google has confirmed that they have changed the charging times for the original Pixel Watch, making it slower. The advertised speeds now claim that it takes 45 minutes to go from 0-50%, while 0-80% takes 75 minutes versus the 55 minutes that was previously advertised, and 110 minutes for it to go to 100%, up by about 30 minutes from before.

According to Google, they claim that a “firmware update for Google Pixel Watches required us to review the charging times, the new times are what the average user will experience”. The company did not dive into any details as to what might have changed that would force them to review the charging times, but it has been suggested that heating concerns could be why.

As 9to5Google notes, the Pixel Watch does get quite warm to the touch after it has been fully charged, at least compared to the newer Pixel Watch 2. If you’re not in any rush or you charge your watch overnight, we suppose this isn’t much of an issue, but if you’re hoping to get a quick charge then you’ll have to factor in the new time.

Source: 9to5Google

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