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There are approximately a million Samsung Galaxy tabs in the world. Right now it feels like they’re all on sale too! So we’re going to go through each category of Samsung Tab and why you should pick them up on this Amazon Prime Day.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet is a light and portable device with an 8.7″ screen, slim design, and a sturdy metal frame, making it ideal for on-the-go entertainment and easy for kids to handle. It offers lasting protection with its durable metal frame, ensuring it can withstand everyday mishaps. The tablet delivers faster performance, allowing smooth streaming and offering expanded storage of up to 1TB, nearly twice as much as its predecessor.

With a long-lasting battery and fast charging capabilities, it’s perfect for extended use. Additionally, the device enhances the multi-device experience, enabling seamless connectivity across your Samsung Galaxy devices through One UI technology. For young users, the Samsung Kids app provides a safe and educational platform while allowing parents full control.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7 32GB WiFi Android Tablet
  • LIGHT AND PORTABLE: With its compact 8.7” screen, slim design and sturdy metal frame, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet is...
  • LASTING PROTECTION: This device features an upgraded metal frame that helps protect against everyday hiccups; It's made to be...

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8

The Galaxy Tab A8 tablet offers a 10.5″ LCD screen that enhances family moments through streaming and video chatting. It provides the power, storage, and speed required for your family’s needs, with an upgraded chipset and up to 128GB of storage, all supported by a long-lasting battery. Fast charging via the USB C port keeps you going for hours.

The tablet seamlessly integrates with the Galaxy ecosystem, allowing your devices to communicate effortlessly. Galaxy connectivity syncs your notes, from to-do lists to schoolwork, across your devices. For kids, Samsung Kids offers a library of safe and entertaining games, books, and videos. Additionally, Smart Switch simplifies data transfer, regardless of your operating system, in just three easy steps.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 32GB Android Tablet
  • A SCREEN EVERYONE WILL LOVE: Whether your family is streaming or video chatting with friends, the Galaxy Tab A8 tablet brings...
  • POWER AND STORAGE FOR ALL: Get the power, storage and speed your family needs with an upgraded chipset and plenty of room to...

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes with an S Pen, allowing you to unleash your creativity, take notes, edit photos, and convert handwritten notes to text; the S Pen attaches magnetically for convenience. It’s a fantastic entertainment device with a powerful processor, a crystal-clear screen, and immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound.

The tablet offers a long-lasting battery, up to 13 hours of use on a single charge, and features a slim, lightweight metal design with distinctive color choices. It also excels in multi-device connectivity and DeX mode, turning your Galaxy devices into a desktop workstation.

The tablet has a capable camera setup, supports Samsung Smart View for sharing content with nearby Samsung TVs, and offers ample storage space, with up to 1TB expandable via a microSD card. Additionally, the tablet’s screen is useful even while charging, displaying your calendar or weather on the lock screen.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 64GB Android Tablet
  • S PEN INCLUDED: Unleash your creativity and never miss a note with S Pen; Use for drawing, jot notes, edit photos, and...
  • ENTERTAINMENT READY: The shows and games you love look epic with Galaxy Tab S6 Lite; Never miss a second of gaming action...

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 FE

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE has earned recognition as the “Best Android Tablet” for 2023 by CNET, praised for its premium look and affordability. With a generous 12.4-inch display, it offers a vibrant visual experience for both work and entertainment.

The tablet comes in bold color choices. It includes an S Pen for note-taking and creative tasks, offering a pen-on-paper feel. Galaxy connectivity provides an expanded workspace and seamless content sharing between devices.

Powered by a long-lasting battery and a Qualcomm SM7225 Octa-Core processor. So, it ensures efficient multitasking and ample storage for quick access to your content.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 FE 12.4 64GB WiFi Android Tablet
  • CNET BEST PICK: CNET (12/22) picked Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE as "Best Android Tablet” for 2023, highlighting its...
  • BIG SCREEN, BIG EXPERIENCE: A large 12.4 inch display brings your content to life in brilliant color whether indoors or...

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8

The Galaxy Tab S8 is a powerful and versatile tablet designed for enhanced productivity and creativity. It offers DeX multitasking and seamless integration with Microsoft 365, providing a PC-like experience on the go. Powered by an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, fast WiFi 6E, and a long-lasting battery, it’s well-suited for work, streaming, and gaming.

The tablet comes with the fastest S Pen yet, making it more responsive and natural for a wide range of tasks. Its 11-inch dynamic LCD screen provides an immersive visual experience with vivid colors and clarity. Additionally, the tablet features an ultra-wide camera for capturing 4K video and stunning photos, catering to all photography skill levels.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 11 128GB WiFi 6E Android Tablet
  • DeX MULTITASKING: Do more on the go with enhanced productivity capabilities, like Samsung DeX and Microsoft 365 integration,...
  • PACKED WITH POWER: Galaxy Tab S8 provides powerful performance with an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, super fast WiFi...

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8+

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ has been recognized as the “Best Android Tablet” for 2023 by CNET, celebrated for its ideal size that’s great for entertainment, gaming, and light productivity tasks, all while remaining travel-friendly. The tablet boasts blazing-fast Wi-Fi 6E, which is three times faster than the previous generation. Its large 12.4-inch AMOLED display delivers breathtaking visuals with exceptional brilliance, clarity, and vibrant colors.

Equipped with an ultra-wide front camera for 4K video and stunning photos, it caters to photographers of all experience levels. The tablet includes the fastest S Pen yet, enhancing responsiveness and providing a realistic pen-like feel. Furthermore, it offers DeX multitasking and Microsoft 365 integration, delivering a PC-like experience on the go, and is powered by an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with an all-day battery, making it suitable for work, streaming, and gaming.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8+ 12.4 128GB WiFi 6E Android Tablet
  • CNET BEST PICK: CNET (12/22) picked Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ as "Best Android Tablet” for 2023, highlighting its “…great...
  • FASTEST WI-FI: Work and play with the blazing fast speed of Wi-Fi 6E -- 3x faster than the previous generation of Wi-Fi

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