WhatsApp’s locked chats are about to get even more secure


WhatsApp has a feature in the form of chat lock which allows users to lock a chat behind the same passcode or fingerprint or facial recognition you use to protect your phone with. The only problem with the system is that if someone knew your phone’s passcode, they could then unlock your locked chats.

That will be changing soon, according to a report from WABetaInfo. The report has uncovered an upcoming change to WhatsApp where it appears that the app will allow users to create their own secret code to locked chats.

What this means is that instead of relying on your phone’s passcode, this secret code can be something different entirely. In fact, the caption suggests that users can choose to use a word or even an emoji as their secret code. This will make your locked chats more secure in the event that someone manages to unlock your phone.

The caption also reveals that this will apply to companion devices. At the moment, WhatsApp’s chat lock does not work on companion devices, only the primary device that you use WhatsApp on. So with this upcoming feature, you can protect your chats even if you’re accessing it from another device like a tablet or from your PC.

As always with these beta features, it is unclear when it will be rolled out but we’ll keep an eye out for it.

Source: WABetaInfo

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