Here’s how X plans to gouge more money from its users


When X (formerly known as Twitter) first introduced Twitter Blue, it was meant as a way for power users to get access to more features compared to non-paying users. But then Elon Musk took over the platform and made some changes where X Premium now gave everyone the coveted blue checkmark.

But it looks like X isn’t stopping there. According to a post on X by @aaronp613, it seems that X could be planning several different Premium tiers. Apparently there will be at least three tiers. One will be called Premium Basic that comes with full ads in the “For You” page, then there will be Premium Standard which offers half the amount of ads, and lastly there will be Premium Plus which does away with ads.

It is unclear what other perks these tiers will offer and how they might differ from each other apart from the number of ads that are displayed to users. Also, if you recall, Musk mentioned recently plans to eventually start charging X users a small monthly fee just to use and access the platform, essentially putting the entire platform behind a paywall. We’re not sure if this could be part of the Premium Basic tier that was mentioned.

Also, there is no mention of price. At the moment, X Premium is priced at $8 a month and based on its features, it sounds like it could be the Premium Standard mentioned in the post. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see when the company does eventually announce these new tiers.

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