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Nanoleaf’s Shapes Limited Edition Ultra Black are a statement piece for your home


When it comes to smart lighting, it can come in a multitude of forms. The most common are probably light bulbs which you can use to replace the existing bulbs in the lamps in your home. This is probably the most cost effective way to begin the process of making your home smart since we assume that you already have lamps and light fixtures in your home.

But there are other forms of smart lighting, like smart LED panels by companies such as Nanoleaf. These types of lighting are more decorative in style, making them perfect if you want to create a fancy-looking backdrop for videos, creating ambient lighting, or finding alternative ways of lighting up a space.

In fact, if you fancy the idea of smart LED panels, then you’ll want to check out Nanoleaf’s Shapes Limited Edition Ultra Black Triangles and Hexagons.


Nanoleaf is no stranger when it comes to smart LED light panels. We would go as far as saying that the company is probably responsible for helping kick off the trend. Nanoleaf already has quite a few panels in its portfolio that come in various shapes, whether you’re looking for square panels, triangles, hexagons, or light bars.

With the Limited Edition Ultra Black Triangles/Hexagons, the company has taken its smart LED panels and given it a black makeover. We should note that the company’s regular panels are translucent in design. While there’s nothing wrong with the translucent finish, it can look a little strange and bare when they’re not lighted up.

With these black triangles/hexagons, it creates a statement piece of sorts even when the lights are not turned on. This means that if you’re looking for a way to decorate your home, you can put together various designs using these black panels and come up with something cool and unique to you, plus they would also look awesome when the lights are turned on.

For fans of pure black design, the panels aren’t the only thing that comes in black. According to Nanoleaf, they’ve also ensured that other components like the mounting and power accessories come in black to help you match everything up nicely.

Easy to install

Now, you might think that the Nanoleaf panels might be hard to install given that unlike smart bulbs that just screw into place, the Nanoleaf panels are mounted on the wall. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about drilling holes into your wall, which might be an issue if you’re just renting the place.

Instead, Nanoleaf’s mounting system relies on Mounting Tape. This allows the panels to stick on your wall, which will allow you to pretty much mount it wherever you want. This is versus drilling mounts into the wall, where you have to be careful of where you drill, and you would need to own a drill, which if you don’t means having to spend more money.

Also, using the mounting tape means that removing it when you’re moving houses or if you just want to take it down a lot easier to clean up since there won’t be any holes in the wall that you need to plaster up later. That being said, the Nanoleaf panels do support screw mounts if you prefer to secure it that way, so at least you have options.

Matter compatibility

For the most part, Nanoleaf’s panels work with a variety of smart home platforms, so whether you’re an iOS or Android user, your panels will work. But the good news is that Nanoleaf has also updated its products to ensure that they are Matter compatible.

For those unfamiliar, Matter is a new smart home platform that has been designed to be universal. This means that as long as a smart home device is Matter compatible, it will work with other Matter compatible devices. It is also platform agnostic, meaning that it will work regardless if you’re using iOS, Android, Alexa, and so on.

This is important because prior to this, the smart home market was fragmented. For example, if you use iOS/Siri, you would need to make sure that the products you buy work with Apple’s HomeKit, otherwise you would need to use separate apps to control separate devices, versus the Home app that will let you control everything at once.

Speaking of compatibility, the Nanoleaf panels also play nicely with software like Razer Chroma, Overwolf, IFTTT, and more, so you can further customize it to sync up with your games, music, or change colors based on specific triggers or events. How cool is that?

Pricing & availability

If you’re interested in getting either the Nanoleaf Shapes Limited Edition Ultra Black Triangles or Hexagons, they are priced starting at $220 each for the Smarter Kit. This will contain 9 panels along with all the things you need to install it and power it. In case 9 panels aren’t enough and you’re looking to add more panels to create a masterpiece for your wall, the expansion pack will cost you $70 and will include three panels per pack. For more details or to purchase, head on over to Nanoleaf’s website.

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