OneOdio’s OpenRock S could be your perfect gym partner


There are many headphones and earbuds in the market right now but that doesn’t mean that they all serve the same purpose. Some headphones are designed for audiophiles who value sound quality over everything else, which means that these types of headphones might be designed with wired connectivity, an open-back design for better sound staging, and might be bothered with modern day tech features like digital assistant support, and so on.

Then you have headphones or earbuds that are designed for specific purposes, such as people who go to the gym. These types of headphones might focus on things like a wireless design, lightweight materials, and water-resistance.

If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that could be the perfect gym companion, then you might want to take a look at OneOdio’s OpenRock S. This is the company’s latest pair of earbuds that rely on air conduction which helps with comfort, better awareness of your surroundings, and of course, water-resistance.

If you’re already intrigued, then let’s dive in to see what the earbuds have to offer!

Air conduction design

The majority of earbuds you find in the market today are usually in-ear by design, meaning that the actual earbuds themselves sit as close to your ear canal as possible. This helps create a tight seal that in some cases allows for passive noise isolation and potentially better sound since it’s closer to your eardrums.

The downside is that it might start getting uncomfortable over an extended period of time, and for some, it might create issues as it might push earwax deeper into your ear that could lead to complications over time.

With the OpenRock S, OneOdio has adopted the air conduction design. For those unfamiliar, air conduction works more or less the same way as our ears normally perceive sound by pushing sound waves through the air and into our ears.

The main difference is that unlike in-ear earbuds, the OpenRock S does not actually sit all the way into your ear. This in turn allows you to hear what’s going on around you when you’re in public, so if someone is calling your name when you’re at the gym, or if you’re attending a yoga class and want to be able to listen to the instructor, or if you’re walking and there are cars around you, you can hear them and reduce your chances of getting into an accident.

Air conduction also lends itself to greater comfort when you’re listening to music or podcasts for a long time, because since the earbuds don’t sit inside of your ear, it allows the pressure to escape and your ears won’t feel as fatigued quite as fast.

The OpenRock S also has an IPX5 rating, meaning that it is water-resistant up to a certain extent. While you can’t swim with them, the IPX5 rating means that if you get sweat on it, you can wipe it off without having to worry about the sweat damaging its internal components.

Awesome sound quality

Now, we did say that in-ear earbuds can sometimes allow for better perceived sound quality. If you do care about audio quality, you can rest assured that this is one aspect of the OpenRock S that OneOdio has not compromised on.

The earbuds themselves come with a pair of 16.2mm drivers, which is quite sizeable as far as these types of earbuds are concerned. They offer a frequency response range of 20Hz up to 20kHz, and support codecs like AAC and SBC, so you should be able to listen to music at a higher quality.

They also boast the use of OneOnio’s TubeBass technology, thanks to its high quality biological diaphragm design. According to OneOdio, they managed to achieve this by concentrating the sound waves and sending them down your ear canal. They have also included the use of a dynamic audio algorithm that can dynamically adjust the sound, like the bass and treble effects, so that whatever you’re listening to will always have the most optimal sound quality.

If you plan on using the earbuds for training, you can also look forward to features like professional sound effects. These offer various modes that will enhance the listening experience. For example, there is a Rock Mode for when you want more intense workouts, or a Relax Mode if you’re doing some low-intensity workouts like yoga or going for a brisk walk.

These modes can actually be beneficial because according to sports psychology, audio effects can optimize the listening state of the human body, allowing you to either feel more pumped and energized, or relaxed and chill.

Great fit and comfort

When using headphones or earbuds during active use, some important aspects to consider are its fit and comfort. If the earbuds sound good but they keep falling off when you’re running or stretching, or if they start to hurt your ears, then it would be difficult to wear them at the gym or when you’re out on a run.

With that in mind, the OpenRock S has adopted a hook design. This allows the earbuds to hook over your ears, which in turn creates a more secure fit. Short of you shaking your head violently, the hook design ensures that the earbuds will never fall out during your gym or yoga sessions.

According to OneOdio, the hook design also helps to disperse pressure against the ear. This is versus on- or over-ear headphones that might place pressure on the side of your head the longer you wear it. This in turn allows the OpenRock S to be worn for extended periods of time without hurting or fatiguing your ears.

The hooks can also be further customized to match your ears, because since we’re all born with different ear sizes and shapes, sometimes what fits well for someone else doesn’t mean it will fit well on you, so it’s good to see that OneOdio has paid attention to this aspect.

Long-lasting battery

As the trend seems to have shifted largely towards wireless audio devices, it has also created a new problem – battery life. Thankfully, we doubt that this will be something you’ll have to worry too much with the OpenRock S.

The earbuds are rated to last up to 19 hours of music playback on a single charge, and a total of 60 hours when used with the charging case. Obviously this number will vary depending on how you use it, how loud you play your music or podcasts at, but at a total of 60 hours, it’s pretty respectable.

The charging case will also offer fast charging, where you can squeeze an extra 1 hour out of the earbuds with just 5 minutes of charging, perfect if you need a little bit more listening time before you reach your destination.

Pricing & availability

So, if you think that the OneOdio OpenRock S could be the perfect gym partner, you’ll be pleased to learn that the earbuds are actually priced pretty affordably considering all the features you’ll be getting. OneOdio is selling the earbuds on its website or on Amazon for just $89.99, but you can get a 20% off discount when you use promot code 20WUWZHX in addition to the $10 off coupon on the site, brining the final price down to just $63.99! The deal only last until October 10th.

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