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Emilia Davis, a reporter over at The Verge, had the opportunity to delve into Getty Images’ latest venture, the Generative AI by Getty Images. This groundbreaking tool, developed in collaboration with Nvidia, enables users to create images utilizing Getty’s extensive library of licensed photos.

Emilia’s first-hand experience with the tool focused on its capacity to generate photos, particularly those closely resembling authentic Getty-watermarked images. The initial results were impressive, with the generated images bearing a striking resemblance to genuine Getty photographs. However, some also maintained the characteristic artificial quality often associated with stock photos.

One noteworthy strength of Getty’s tool lies in its ability to render lifelike human figures. Emilia prompted it to create an image of a ballerina in an arabesque pose on a stage with a subtly blurred background. The resulting image exhibited a human touch, surpassing similar attempts with other tools. It was evident that Getty’s model had been trained extensively on real photographs, offering a more genuine representation.

Image credit – The Verge

The tool’s illustration mode, however, produced 2D, clip-art style renderings, demonstrating its specialization in generating authentic photographic content. Emilia also noted that the tool imposes restrictions on generating certain types of images, preventing the creation of depictions featuring real individuals or recreations of specific artistic styles.

Getty has taken precautions to ensure ethical usage of the tool. It does not permit the creation of images featuring recognizable figures or copyrighted material. The company emphasizes that any photos generated with the tool will not be integrated into the Getty Images and iStock content libraries.

Users can access Generative AI by Getty Images through the Getty Images website, with pricing based on prompt volume. The tool will be available as a separate offering from standard Getty Images subscriptions. Users gain perpetual, worldwide, and unlimited rights to the images they create, further emphasizing Getty’s commitment to responsible AI usage.

In taking this bold step into generative AI, Getty positions itself to leverage its vast image library, setting a new standard in AI image platforms. Emilia Davis’s insights shed light on the potential of this innovative tool and its implications for the creative community.

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