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The folks over in WhatApp had their “Conversations” conference in Mumbai this year, and with the conference came a lot of announcements! Some of the biggest announcements would happen in the world of WhatsApp for Business. So let’s take a look to see what new tech is coming to the messaging giant.

WhatsApp Flows

On a book a trip screen, there are options for departure, arrival and date of return. All of these are interactable with a green continue button at the bottom. The screen beside it shows a seat assignment chart. Selected seats are highlighted with a green boarder. And there is a confirm selection button at the bottom to confirm the selection.

Source: WhatsApp

This is a dedicated service for businesses, where you can add the option to do things within a chat window. Named flow to increase the fluidity of the customer experience; this is designed to be a barrier-free experience for booking seats on a plane or ordering groceries. While there are no documents available right now, WhatsApp says this will be customisable through forms and a menu system.

Although there hasn’t been a dedicated day of release. WhatsApp says that it will be rolling out to all WhatsApp for Business users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp Payments

Four screens detailing to buying purchase of a set of headphones all contained within whatsapp. The first screen shows the order number and then a view cart option followed by a reply prompting to buyer to complete their purchase. They are then prompted with a Review and pay button. The second screen has a "choose payment option screen" detailing 6 payment methods. Pay on WhatsApp, Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, More UPI apps and a Other Payment methods option. There is a continue button prompting the user to go to the next screen. On the third screen there is a review of payment screen, who the money is being sent to and using what payment method. There is a total of the cost of the item and a "send payment" button. The forth screen has the order details up at the top with a confirmation of "payment completed" screen below it. Below the confirmation notification the screen has the vendor, and the reciept details.

Source: Whatsapp

What will come as a welcome addition for WhatsApp for Business users is the addition of payment options. This is designed so that users can go through the entire purchasing process without ever leaving the chat. For now, this is an India-exclusive option. So, Indian businesses and shoppers can now buy things with a tap using UPI apps and accepted cards.

WhatsApp Meta Verification

WhatsApp for Business users can now get their Verified status shared to their WhatsApp account. This will help customers know that they are talking to verified businesses. This is a small change that will make a big difference. Although this is a feature that needs some testing! It is rolling out to small and medium businesses first for feedback.


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