Samsung Galaxy S23 FE will come in Exynos and Qualcomm variants


Samsung made an interesting decision earlier this year when its Galaxy S23 series was launched without an Exynos variant. Instead, all versions of the phone sold around the world used the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

But it seems that Samsung’s decision to go exclusive with Qualcomm is short-lived because according to a listing spotted in the Google Play Console, it has been confirmed that there are two variants of the Galaxy S23 FE as previously rumored. One variant has the codename S5E9925, which is the Exynos model, and the other is known as SM8450, which will be the Qualcomm version.

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Assuming Samsung continues its practices, countries like China and US will be getting the Qualcomm version, while the Exynos variant will be making its way to other markets like Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Latin America.

This might be a bit of a bummer for some who aren’t fans of Samsung’s Exynos chipsets, which have been known to fall a bit short compared to Qualcomm’s chipsets. But then again, the Galaxy S23 FE is supposed to be a more affordable alternative to the Galaxy S23 series, so chances are people who buy the phone might be more interested in price rather than performance.

Source: SamMobile

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