X will soon support passkeys


Passwords are a great way of protecting your online accounts, but the security is really only as good as your choice of password. Picking something silly like “123456” or “password” is really a recipe for disaster, but even with a secure and complex passwords, hacks and data breaches could still give it away.

This is why we’re starting to see more online websites and services turning to other methods of securing accounts, and one of them is through passkeys. If you use X (formerly known as Twitter), a report from Steve Moser has uncovered evidence to suggest that the platform could soon support passkeys.

For those unfamiliar with passkeys, this is a new way of securing online accounts without the need for a password. Instead it relies on a device, like your smartphone, to authenticate who you say you are either by using your phone’s own passcode or biometrics like fingerprint or facial recognition.

The only problem with passkeys is that it relies heavily on platform adoption, but thankfully a lot of the big players in the tech space such as Apple and Google are making a move towards it, so it feels like it’s a matter of time before it becomes the new standard in online security.

Source: Steve Moser

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