Samsung Predicted to Stick to Exynos for the Galaxy S24; Rising Chip Costs to Blame


A while back, we heard several rumors going about that Samsung might go back to equipping its flagship Android phones with its in-house processors. After switching over to shipping its Galaxy S23 series with Snapdragon chips worldwide, it’s predicted that the company might do a 180-degree turn and revert to its Exynos processors, despite the glowing reviews that the Qualcomm-equipped S23 phones have had.

One big factor for this change is (unsuprisingly) money – a post from tech informant Digital Chat Station claims that the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will see a rise in manufacturing costs, due to the improvements in performance and hardware that will come with the chip. This is supposedly a considerable mark-up from the 8 Gen 2 – for reference, the 8 Gen 2  currently costs around $160 to make.

Given this upcoming rise in production costs, it might be logical for Samsung to stick to using its own chipset to cut down on expenses, or even move to a competitor like MediaTek, which is reported to charge partners less for its SoCs.

Of course at this moment nothing is official, but it should nevertheless be interesting to see if Samsung pushes through with its return to Exynos, given the lukewarm reception from the public towards its chipsets.


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