Google rolls out Android 14 Beta 5 ahead of final release


We expect that in the coming months, Google will be releasing the public version of Android 14. For those who can’t wait, especially if you don’t own a Pixel phone which means that you’ll be subject to the mercy of your manufacturer’s timeline, you might be interested to learn that the final beta of Android 14 has been released.

This was announced by Google who revealed that Android 14 Beta 5 is now available for download via the Android 14 beta program. This will be the final beta release as Google expects that Android 14’s public release should be taking place in the coming weeks, so this version should be more or less what you will be able to expect from the public version.

“Beta 5 is our third Platform Stable Android 14 release, which means that the developer APIs and all app-facing behaviors are final for you to review and integrate into your apps, and you can publish apps on Google Play targeting Android 14’s SDK version 34. It includes the latest fixes and optimizations, giving you everything you need to complete your testing.”

That being said, this beta is intended more for developers who need to test their apps to make sure that it’s compatible with the update so that users won’t run into any issues, but we suppose anyone who’s interested can check it out if they’re enrolled in the beta program. We wouldn’t suggest that you use it as a daily driver as there could still be lingering bugs, not to mention potential compatibility issues with your existing apps, but it’s still a good way of checking it out to see what you can look forward to.

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