It looks like Disney will be coming after password sharers too


Not too long ago, Netflix announced that they would be cracking down on password sharing, meaning that users who aren’t staying in the same household will no longer be allowed to share their Netflix account with others, like friends or strangers online who get together to share a Netflix account to save money.

Now it looks like Disney is planning to do something similar for Disney+. This was revealed during Disney’s latest earnings call where according to the company’s CEO Bob Iger, he revealed that Disney is “actively exploring ways to address account sharing”. According to Iger, apparently the number of people sharing passwords is quite significant, which presumably is eating into the company’s potential revenue and profits.

It is unclear how Disney will approach the issue, but according to Iger, he says that Disney already has the ability to monitor user sign-ins and that they will “get at this issue” come 2024. In Netflix’s case, the company came up with a solution which was to allow users to share an account with non-family members, but those users would have to pay for their own subscription albeit at a lower price.

Interestingly enough despite it sounding like it could result in users canceling their accounts, Netflix actually announced that they had gained more subscribers in the latest quarter.

Source: The Verge

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