The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is here to replace your laptop


The trend in tablet design has gone back and forth over the years. We started out with large tablets, but then following the success of the iPad mini, we saw a rise in popularity for mini-sized tablets, but then today, tablets with displays of 12-inches and above seem to be a more popular choice.

This is because with how powerful chipsets are these days, along with support for stylus, and productivity apps being better than ever, a lot of tablets are actually perfectly capable of being a laptop replacement, at least to a certain degree. Not to mention, a larger display does make browsing the web, playing games, and watching videos a lot more fun.

If you’re looking for a new large-display tablet, then you’re in luck as Samsung has officially taken the wraps off its brand new Galaxy Tab S9 tablets which includes the Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Tab S9+, and the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

All three models will feature different sized displays. The base model will come with an 11-inch display, the S9+ with a 12.4-inch display, and the Ultra packing a massive 14.6-inch display. All three models will feature 120Hz refresh rates and AMOLED panels, and all models will also be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, so you can rest assured that they are all equally powerful.

Samsung has also equipped the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets with a set of quad speakers featuring sound by AKG’s speaker system and Dolby Atmos, so you can get amazing sound quality as far as tablets are concerned.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, stylus support is available for all three models and users can use the S Pen stylus accessory with the tablets. There will also be an S Pen Creator Edition that offers a textured material for better grip, and two different types of pen-tips depending on the feel that you’re going for.

Given that these tablets sport some pretty big displays, Samsung has included support for Multi Window that lets users display multiple apps at once. There is also a Pop-Up View mode that makes the tablet look more like a desktop PC with floating windows. There is also keyboard support with the Book Cover Keyboard accessory, and lastly, DeX Mode will turn these tablets into PC-like devices so you can use it as a laptop replacement if you need to get some work done.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 will be priced starting at $799.99, while the Galaxy Tab S9+ will go for $999.99, while the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra will be priced starting at $1,199.99. All three models are available for pre-order today and will be available from the 11th of August onwards.

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