Huawei may finally have an answer to their 5G problem


It’s kind of ironic how Huawei was poised to supply the world with 5G technology by laying down infrastructure that would be used by various telecommunications companies, but when the US sanctions hit, the company couldn’t even supply their own smartphones with 5G, but that could be a problem of the past.

According to a report from Reuters, Huawei could have found a way around the issue by working with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co (SMIC) to produce 5G chips domestically. The report cites three third-party tech research firms who got their information from industry sources.

By using their own advancements in technology and working with SMIC, it would finally allow Huawei to start including 5G in its smartphones, instead of relying on weird accessories that are honestly kind of ingenious, but not exactly the most convenient or elegant of designs.

For those who are wondering why Huawei hasn’t been able to use 5G in their phones, the US sanctions against the company placed them on the US Entity List. Companies on this list are not allowed to do business with US companies and vice versa, as well as use tech that might have originated from the US.

This means that even if a company not from the US wanted to work with Huawei, but their tech relies on US-developed tech or patents, it’s a no-go, which is why for years, Huawei has not been able to include 5G in their phones. As expected, neither Huawei nor SMIC have commented on this report so only time will tell if this alleged partnership will bear fruit.

Source: Reuters

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