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Remember during the early days of the internet where finding free public internet access was almost impossible? Back then, if you needed the internet and were outside, you would probably have to go to a cybercafe which might not be that common in your area.

Plus, you’d also have to pay to use the computer which means that you can’t just download your own files and save it to the PC as it would be used by other people later.

These days, thanks to WiFi technology, accessing the internet wherever you go is so much easier and more convenient, whether you’re at a cafe, at school, at work, or at the park, internet access is almost a given.

While going online can be accessed through a public WiFi network or through your carrier’s cellular network, have you ever considered maybe investing in a travel router?

Why use a portable router?

Most of us are familiar with routers as devices we usually see at home or at the office, but for those who travel a lot for work or research, investing in a portable/travel router might actually be a good idea.

For starters, it offers you a greater degree of privacy. This is because when your router is connected to someone else’s network, it cannot see other devices that might be connected to it, like your phone or laptop. This helps protect your devices from potentially being snooped on while in public.

Also, a portable router means that the WiFi signals would be closer to you. This is versus public internet where the router might be placed further away from you which could cause spotty and unstable connections. Other benefits also include bypassing captive portals which you might frequently come across when trying to connect to the internet at hotels, airports, and so on.

Also, since your devices have previously connected to your router, it will speed up the connecting process and save you time. If these benefits intrigue you, then Firstnum’s got a couple of portable routers that you might want to check out.

Firstnum CPE C1 WiFi Router

If you’re new to the world and concept of portable routers, then Firstnum’s C1 WiFi router is actually a good place to start. It is a pretty inexpensive router, but it does pretty much everything you might need from a WiFi router and it’s incredibly easy to setup in just three easy steps.

It supports a multitude of connections, including Ethernet and SIM cards, so if your location has a LAN cable you can just plug the C1 WiFi router to it and you’re good to go. The support for SIM cards also means that in case the place you’re at doesn’t have a LAN cable, you can rely on your carrier’s network instead.

This makes it perfect for more remote locations, or if you’re constantly on the move and you’re in an RV, a truck, and so on. It could also be ideal even in the office or at a factory, where you might need to move it around to bring internet access to certain parts of a building.

The SIM card functionality will work with pretty much all the major networks in North America, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, and you’ll be able to get CAT4 internet access with download speeds of up to 150Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps.

The C1 also broadcasts a 2.4GHz signal, so you should be covered for extended distances. The router also comes with two built-in 5G external antennas using the MIMO 2*2 system, so it should cover you from as near 20m and all the way up to 50.

There is also a built-in WPS button that makes it easy for users to connect their devices to the network, so if other people need to use your router, it won’t be a problem. The best part is that despite all its features, which might make you think it could be expensive, the Firstnum C1 is actually incredibly cost-effective.

The C1 is normally priced at $59.99, but if you use the KBLAJGZP code at the Amazon checkout, its price will be reduced to $41.99, but this deal is only valid until the 10th of July. If you don’t need to buy it right away, Firstnum is running another promotion from the 11th to 12th of July where it will be further reduced to $38.99.

Firstnum CPE C1 WiFi Router with SIM Card Slot, 4G LTE CAT4 WiFi Router 150...
  • 【Portable WIFI】FIRSTNUM C1 internet router can output a WIFI signal by inserting a SIM card Simply. And this router for...
  • 【SIM Card Slot】Besides the normal RJ45 LAN port * 1, this home router also has a SIM card slot. After inserting the nano...

Firstnum CPE C2 WiFi Router

If you like what the C1 has to offer, but maybe you require a bit more speed and portability, then the Firstnum CPE C2 WiFi Router could be the answer.

This is because its speeds can reach up to 300Mbps in downloads and up to 100Mbps in uploads, so if you have more devices connected to it and need the additional bandwidth, the C2 will do a better job.

Similar to the C1, it will have a SIM card slot and will also play nicely with major networks in North America, but like we said, it will offer faster CAT7 internet speeds. It also broadcasts both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals, with the latter offering a faster connection but with a shorter range, so if you don’t move around a lot, you can benefit from a speedier internet with the 5GHz signal.

There are also two built-in 5G antennas that like the C1, have a MIMO 2*2 system and a range of up to 50m. Also, like we said, the C2 is more portable than the C1 because it actually runs on two rechargeable 18250 batteries, which means that even if you don’t have a power outlet, the C2 will still work. The C2 also uses car-grade chips which offers more stability, and the use of the MT2731 platform makes setting up the network a breeze.

Don’t be daunted by the features though, because setting up and managing the C2 is similar to the C1 in terms of ease, where a three step process and a built-in WPS button will have you up and running in little to no time.

Last but not least, and this might be a feature some of you might appreciate, is that the C2 has been built with a shell made of fireproof materials. This makes the router safer if safety is your concern, especially if you might be alone while traveling in an RV or truck, or using it at a remote cabin.

As for pricing, the C2 will cost more than the C1. Its RRP is $119.99, but there is a deal that brings it down to $83.99 if you use the QYPM3UDP code that will be valid until the 10th of July, but after that there is another deal that runs from the 11-12th of July where its price is further reduced by 35% to $77.99.

Firstnum CPE C2 WiFi Router with SIM Card Slot, 4G LTE CAT7 300 Mbps WiFi...
  • 【Portable WIFI】FIRSTNUM C2 internet router can output a WIFI signal by inserting a SIM card Simply. And this router for...
  • 【SIM Card Slot】Besides the normal RJ45 LAN port * 4, this home router also has a SIM card slot. After inserting the nano...

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