Dead Cells’ Castlevania DLC Lands on Android


Motion Twin’s action-packed sidescroller Dead Cells is probably one of the most popular games these past few years, gaining popularity with gamers after something that’s a little bit more on the hardcore side of things. It’s unsurprising then that the game would eventually be ported over to mobile platforms including Android.

With that in mind, it was mind-blowing to see Motion Twin collaborate with Konami on bringing the latter’s Castlevania IP over to the Dead Cells universe. Announced a few months ago, the “Return to Castlevania DLC” has finally landed for Android devices, meaning that players can now hack and slash their way over to Dracula’s throne on their Android phone.

For those unfamiliar, Dead Cells is an action side-scroller that incorporates swift combat and rogue-like elements for some fast-paced gameplay. You gain abilities and weapons, and we have to admit that jumping around and slashing down enemies never gets old.

The game is regularly updated, and while you can purchase the full game, there’s also optional DLC, such as the newly-released Return to Castlevania material which adds new content, characters, and other elements from the Castlevania universe.

While the game has been tailored to work with a touch screen for mobile devices, the Android port offers support for external third-party controllers as well, so you can still get more “precise” input when gaming.

Source: Droid Gamers

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