The Relationship between Android Gaming Apps and Addiction


Gambling harm is a serious economic and social problem that has plagued the industry for the longest time. Even before the advent of online casinos, gambling addiction was a significant issue that different stakeholders, including governments and regulators, have been trying to solve. In New Zealand, figures show that one in every five individuals will suffer harm in their lifetime resulting from their own or someone else’s gambling. The rising popularity of mobile casinos sparked the debate of whether the platforms increase the risk of addiction. Before gambling apps, players had to go and search for casinos physically. Now, you can access games from your Android smartphone or tablet from anywhere.

The argument is that mobile apps, such as those available on Android, are catalysts for problem gambling due to the easy access they provide players. Mobile gambling is one market segment contributing considerably to the sector’s growth. With Android being the top operating system among Kiwis, it makes sense that Android casinos are popular in the country. Before betting on mobile games using your handheld device, you should understand the correlation between mobile casino gaming and problem gambling. Regardless of your risk factors, learn the health dangers out there and how to protect yourself.

Is Playing on an App More Addictive?

Despite all the debates about online and mobile gambling being more harmful, no definitive study exists to prove it. No concrete scientific data indicates a direct relationship between mobile gambling and higher addiction levels. Nonetheless, be careful how you approach gaming. Despite the lack of substantial research, the ease of access that Android apps offer players is undeniable. People interact a lot with their mobile devices. When you have a casino app installed or even a mobile site bookmarked on your browser, finding games takes less than a minute. You don’t even have to enter your 888 Casino login details every time you open the app. 

Although mobile gambling is restricted alongside iGaming in New Zealand, players can still use Android apps from licensed international casinos. Hence, gambling options are plentiful. With an app on your phone or tablet, you can wager on your preferred games at the bus stop, in the park or in your bed. This convenience is a downside for vulnerable people. If you are at a high risk of developing a gambling addiction, then having gaming products at your disposal can aggravate the situation. Another element to consider is that younger adults are the biggest users of mobile gambling apps. They also happen to be more vulnerable to gambling addiction than older adults. For this reason, players in this category should be particularly keen on how they use casino apps.

Responsible Gaming on Android Apps

Despite the risks of problem gambling presented by mobile apps, you can still have fun safely by ensuring that you play responsibly. Regulated gambling websites have responsible Gaming policies to protect players. Legitimate regulators require operators to avail resources their customers can use to gamble safely. These tools are available on Android casinos as well. A reputable gambling website will usually have its standard features available on its mobile alternative. Therefore, if you wish to leverage these resources, you can. Common RG tools include time limits, deposit limits and self-exclusion. The point of these features is to help you control how you play. 

For example, if you feel your gambling is out of control, you can take time out for several weeks to help you regain balance. In that time, you won’t be able to access the Android casino you took time off from, despite having it on your phone. Another way casino apps promote responsible gaming is by providing information. You can find self-assessment tips to help you review your activities to see if you have a problem. Even though the effectiveness of responsible gaming tools remains in question, you can be confident that Android casino apps have comprehensive suites similar to desktop casinos.

The Rise of Support Apps

In recent years, the iGaming industry has seen a rise in innovations to counter problem gambling. New Zealand’s Gambling Act 2003 prioritises the prevention and reduction of gambling harm. The country was the first to develop an app to help people dealing with gambling addiction. Developed at Auckland University, the tool supports gamblers who feel conventional systems don’t work for them. You can find a myriad of applications designed to help players experiencing gambling harm. 

Of course, these tools work with other therapies to be effective. The innovation of gambling support apps is a plus for the sector because players who are ashamed to seek traditional assistance can access the necessary resources. Some platforms let you calculate costs, while others restrict your access to casino apps. The issue with these tools is that they demand discipline, which might be difficult for a person struggling with problem gambling.

Mobile gambling is growing dramatically, with Android apps contributing a large part due to the popularity of the operating system. As Kiwis gamble on mobile devices, understanding the risk of gambling-related harm posed is crucial. Mobile gambling is said to reinforce problem gambling. However, no sufficient research is available to prove that. Nevertheless, players must know how mobile casinos contribute to gambling addiction and the measures available to solve the problem. 

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