Google Drive is finally getting its own spam folder


One of the things we really like about using Google’s Gmail platform is that it does a fantastic job at keeping out spam. The company’s spam detection is top-notch which helps to keep your inbox clean and clear of spam emails and emails that might contain malicious links.

The same cannot be said with Google Drive. If you have been using Google Drive long enough, chances are you might run into the occasional spam Google Docs or Sheets that appears out of nowhere. The good news is that Google is finally doing something to address it by giving Google Drive its own spam folder.

According to Google, this is similar to Gmail’s spam folder. This means that assuming it does its job, soon you won’t be inundated with spam files as they will be automatically sorted into the spam folder. Files that have been placed in the spam folder will also be permanently removed after 30 days, assuming that you haven’t manually deleted it.

While spam on Google Drive isn’t quite as prevalent compared to Gmail, it is still an issue and could pose a potential threat. Similar to spam emails, spam Google Drive files might contain links that some users might click, which could lead to them handing over sensitive information, files, or installing malware on their computers.

Source: Google

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