Google is bringing more software to your car, but we’re not sure it’s a good thing


The infotainment systems of our cars has evolved considerably over the years. Long gone are the days where the car’s radio could only play music from radio stations. These days, users can not only play songs from their phone, but in some cases can even stream music from platforms like Spotify, and they can even watch videos and play games.

During I/O 2023, Google announced that moving forwards, vehicles that run on the company’s native Android software can look forward to additional software. This includes apps such as Waze and YouTube, but even video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco’s Webex.

The company even announced that video games will also be coming to cars running on Android. While we can appreciate how much more connected our cars are becoming, we’re not sure if all these features are necessarily good things. After all, we are meant to keep our eyes focused on the road while we drive, and apps like these only serve as a distraction.

Presumably there will be measures in place to ensure that no one is video conferencing or watching movies while the car is in motion, but still, the fact that these options are there is kind of concerning.

Source: Google

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