McAfee will continue protecting Samsung’s phones for the foreseeable future


Our phones, just like our computers, are susceptible to malware. In fact, we would say even more so compared to PCs given how much we do on our phones these days. For Samsung users, they have had the benefit of McAfee’s software installed on their phones for the past several years, and it looks like that is expected to continue.

In an announcement by McAfee, the company has revealed that they will be extending their partnership with Samsung which means that for the foreseeable future, Samsung users can look forward to having McAfee’s software installed on their phones and protect them from online threats.

“When purchasing the latest Samsung product, the last thing users want to think about is its security. Consumers should be able to enjoy what the internet has to offer, from banking to browsing social media, with the benefit of protections against potential risks online. Our almost decade-long partnership with Samsung extends our award-winning online protection to Samsung’s customers and advances our mission to empower consumers to live their lives online with confidence.”

That being said, antivirus software is only good up to a certain point. Being smart and choosing strong passwords and avoiding suspicious email attachments as well as shady websites can go a long way in protecting your devices and online activity, but it’s not a bad thing to have extra protection.

Source: McAfee

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