Street Fighter: Duel Teases Big Character Reveal


A month ago, Capcom (in collaboration with Crunchyroll Games) launched Street Fighter: Duel, an online mobile game that serves as a spin-off of Capcom’s wildly-popular fighting game series. As with a ton of other mobile games, SFD does allow players the chance to unlock exclusive items, bonuses, and characters.

As such, the game’s official Twitter account has been teasing an upcoming character that will finally make his way to the roster. Based on the image shared in the Tweet, it looks like we’re finally coming closer and closer to seeing fan-favorite Akuma on the SFD roster soon. With that said though, there’s no “official” information at the moment on how players can get Akuma within the game, although an announcement shouldn’t be that far off.

Street Fighter: Duel takes a different approach to gameplay, using a card-based battle system for online play instead of the core 1-on-1 fighting mechanics that the game is known for. As is the protocol with mobile titles, the game also comes with in-app purchases, as well as gacha mechanics integrated into its overall structure.

With that said, gamers after a more traditional Street Fighter experience on mobile might want to check out Street Fighter IV CE instead, which sticks to the series’ fighting game formula, adapted for touchscreen controls.

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